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Why Choose Australia for Immigration Visa?

Some mandatory questions every PR aspirant will have have are, “Why Should I choose Australia to immigrate?" “How to migrate to Australia?" “What is the process for Australia Permanent resident visa?" “what are the benefits I can enjoy in Australia as immigrant?”. Australia is the sixth largest country in the world in terms of area. Australia is always stays at the top of the people’s travel destination list for its phenomenal weather conditions around the year. The Australia PR process is a highly organised and systematic. The point-based system which evaluates all the applications on the basis of applicant’s credentials, that includes human core factors along with educational and skills related factors. As per the recent survey, australia needs more than 190000 immigrants by 2019-2020 to meet the growing demands of the country. Citizens spend 60% of income on their recreation, entertainment and splashing more on overseas trips being the happiest and peaceful country.

In Australia, the immigrants can enjoy free education and free medical maintenance for the entire family of the immigrants. In spite of this exceptional favouring, Australia also allows the citizens, who have stayed in australia for 4 years(not need to be continuous) to apply for the australian citizenship. Check your eligibility for Australia Immigartion PR Visa

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Benefits of Australia Immigration

Benefits of Australia

Eligibilities of Australia PR Visa

Explore The Beauty of Australia


World’s 4th largest country wine exporter and 30 million glasses of australian wine is being consumed everyday.

Kakadu National Park

World’s great biodiverse nature reserve covering 200 kms. It has multitudinous plant species and wildlife.

Great Barrier Reef

World’s largest coral reef stretched over 2,300 kms having 900 islands.It has wide diverse variety of aquatic organisms.

Sydney Opera House

Located on the bennelong point of the sydney harbour and near to enormous sydney harbour bridge creating an amazing scenic view of australia.It is renowned for diverse art performances.

Gold Coast

Best Holiday destination for many since decades. It is renowned for golden sanded surf beaches and hinterlands.

Byron Bay

Highly favoured as holiday destination for many in Australia. It is a coastal town renowned for its beaches, surfing and scuba diving.

Excavate the “Never seen before” places and distinctive cultural followings. Australia has got the better weather conditions which allows the citizen being peaceful and convenient.

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AUSTRALIA follows a point based system for providing Immigration, where the expats have to get eligible by scoring points for the factors like age, education, profession, spouse etc.
The minimum eligibility score for AUSTRALIA PR is 67, Remember..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

PR is the known as the Permanent residency, and one who got PR can work, live and settle in Australia. In spite of that, he/she can enjoy all the societal benefits available in australia like native australian citizens. But, one should have all the requirements prescribed by immigration authority of Australia to get PR. Still have queries, Ask here.
If you once get a Australian PR, you can
-Enjoy free medical services like insurance and finest quality education in the globally renowned universities and offers you the immediate employment opportunities.
-Travel to any part of the world from australia, along with that you can travel to new zealand and work there.
-Enjoy very cooperative and friendly surroundings in australia to work in any firm of your wish.
-The immigrant’s dependent can work for full time.
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There are various cases which may lead your PR visa rejection. Some of them are as below,
-If your traits don’t meet the eligibility criteria or if you don’t have enough points as per the Australian points based system.
-If any fake representation found in your age, work experience and employment details.
-If any incongruity found in the documents submitted.
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The applicant’s should not be above 45 years.Still have queries, Ask here.
The eligibility score for getting australia PR according australia immigration authority is 65 points, these points will be calculated on the applicant’s age, qualification, work experience, adaptability, english language proficiency.Still have queries, Ask here.