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  1. Sow your seed well ahead:

Taking GMAT coaching is like purchasing fitness equipment: Purchasing the equipment doesn’t make you fit; taking coaching doesn’t make to ready for the test. GMAT Coaching is the first step in your journey to MBA dream; however, the actual preparation starts only after you are done with the coaching, Keep a buffer time of at least three months in between the last day of your coaching and day before your exam.

  1. More the tests; Better the chance:

Fortunately, with the advent of online study groups and file sharing sites, one has plethora of test at his disposal. Most of my students have “GB`s” of online material, which they seldom open. So, it’s better to make complete use of the tests because more the tests you take better is the chance securing a grade.

  1. Interpreting the test results:

Saying that you have so many tests, one should be cautious of the standards of the test they practicing: what you get in the practice tests might not showcase you actually can get.

  1. Endurance…Marathon…GMAT:

Yeah endurance does make a difference between a sprint and a marathon. Good performance in sectional tests is a positive note, but definitely not the moment to bask in because at the end of the sitting in front of the computer, taking a test for 4 hours is a marathon, where the endurance will be the deciding factor.

  1. Don’t fall prey to “tips to handle GMAT computer adaptive format”:

One common question most of the students ask- “sir, is it good enough if I concentrate on the first 10 questions and the last 10 questions as said on the internet?” the answer would be a big NO. It’s a standardized test do you really think Pearson or the GMAC would build an algorithm with such short comings?

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    February 19, 2018 at 1:25 pm

    Great preparation tips. This site is very helpful for me and those students who are preparing for GMAT.It gives the relevant information about it.I am glad that you simply shared this helpful tips with us.thanks for sharing great content.


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