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Business Visa Write-up

Countries around the world are creating attractive permanent residency programs for entrepreneurs, businessmen and HNIs. Now that the immigrant environment is good, it's a great time to settle abroad with your family and explore options for starting a business. Texas Review will help you find the right stay option based on your tastes and future plans.

Investment visas or business visas provided by many countries to encourage immigrants who have experience in operating a business and are interested in starting a business abroad or investing abroad. You may be interested in both starting a project for an entirely new company and buying an existing company based overseas.

Residences under investment programs are usually educated under the Golden Visa Program. Recently, people with both talent and opportunities have returned to explore overseas opportunities, choosing not to limit their business interests to a particular country.

Investing abroad allows High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) to move abroad and work and live in their new country of residence. In addition, many are exploring overseas multi-generational investment options as part of their international initiatives.

Australia and Canada have investor immigration programs that give migrants the opportunity to obtain an alternative residence permit while continuing to operate an existing business in their home country. These investor programs aim to attract potential foreign investors with sufficient personal capital and management experience.

Each country offering investment programs has unique requirements and eligibility criteria.


Permanent residency programs for investors and entrepreneurs are generally designed to benefit both individuals and businesses. These top immigration programs offer you:

  • Access to high standard of living
  • Access to healthcare and education
  • Settle with your dependants
  • Access to international opportunities
  • Favourable investment policies (differs from country to country)
  • Travel benefits allowing you to conduct business globally
  • Fast track to citizenship


Different countries have different criteria for evaluating a candidate's eligibility. In general, the evaluation criteria are:

  • Availability of funds to invest overseas
  • Prior business profile
  • Proficiency in English or local languages
  • Business credentials & banking history
  • Health & conduct evaluation

Why invest abroad

The main motivations for choosing a country to invest abroad include the possibility of citizenship, the quality of life offered and the general business environment.

Permanent Residence Programs for Investors and Entrepreneurs are generally designed to provide a wide range of benefits to both individuals and businesses.

Best countries for overseas investment

Countries around the world offer attractive permanent residency options to HNIs, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs.

The major countries that offer stays through investment include:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • UK
  • US

Top options for investing abroad :

  • Canada’s Startup Visa Program
  • Australia Business Innovation & Investment
  • Australia Golden Visa


Texas Review guides entrepreneurs and investors and helps them choose the most appropriate means of investing abroad. We analyze your profile and suggest the best solution according to your personal and business goals.

While doing business abroad, explore options for settling abroad with your family. Texas Review will help you find the right residency option based on your preferences and future plans. With impeccable financial and institutional credibility, Texas Review can advise on foreign investment needs.

With qualified advice and dedicated support, Texas Review helps you get the most out of your international investment and start your business abroad with your family.

Generally, after living in a country of the European Union (EU) for 5 years, you can get permanent residence by investing in that country.

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