Why Canada for Immigration?

According to the world’s happiness report, Canada is one of the most happiest places for the being. Canada is the 2nd largest country in the world and it has gone on record as the most chosen country for settling down considering its easy immigration policies, phenomenal privileges to citizens, and geographical stats. Immigrants can work, study and settle down in any part of canada with no stay limit.

The Canadian Government is perturbed about the skilled man power as they were facing a shortage of skilled workforce, aging population & mismatch of skills and Skill Gap. Check your eligibility for Canada Immigartion PR Visa

They firmly believe that the professionals from South Asian countries hold the skills, experience and calibre that can suffice the Canadian economy’s requirement.The Canadian Government spends more money on the Education and Health of their citizens than any other nation and feels Health is their primary fundamental right. It has ranked the best country to live and work being safest life across the globe.

Hassle free
Immigration Process

Societal Benefits

Huge Employment

Dual Citizenship

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Canada PR Visa Benefits

  • You can get a family visa.
  • Your spouse can work/study full time in canada.
  • The canadian government will render free education to children until 18 yrs.
  • Avail free health and insurance for your entire family.
  • You can become a citizen of canada after 4 years of stay and your stay may not be continuous
  • You can establish your own business in canada.
  • Reflex citizenship to the children born in canada
  • Many more…..

Who are Eligible for Canada Migration

  • The claimant’s age should be above 25.
  • The applicant should have a graduate degree from an university.
  • Need a min 2yrs continuous work experience certification.
  • The applicant should be well versed in english in terms of writing, reading and speaking
  • The applicant should not have any criminal registrations on him.
  • The applicant should score 67 points canada’s point based immigration section system

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Frequently Asked Questions

- The applicant must be above 25 yrs.
- He/she should have minimum 2 yrs work experience and a graduate degree from a recognized university.
- He/she should not have any criminal record.
- He/she must be in good health.
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Well, the close relatives of the citizen of canada or a canadian permanent citizen are eligible for getting sponsored in canada for any purpose. The close relatives includes, spouse of the canadian or the conjugal partner, parents or grandparents, dependent child, orphaned relatives, unmarried, relations like brother, sister, nephew and niece etc who all are under 18 years are eligible for sponsorship. For more details regarding family sponsorship category, check your eligibility.