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Best GRE Coaching in Coimbatore

Best GRE Coaching in Coimbatore

Are You Searching for a No.1 Institute for GRE in Coimbatore? Then your Search Ends Here. Texas Review is a Top GRE Coaching Institute in Coimbatore, Take a GRE Ful-Length Practice Test. Find Out What your Quantitative & Verbal Scores are now. We Set Your Study Schedule When your GRE is 2 Months Away. We Specialized in GRE Coaching

GRE is a standardized test with a predefined pattern that is designed to test GRE Analytical Writing, GRE math preparation, GRE quantitative, and GRE vocabulary.

The GRE is one test to demonstrate student competitiveness and their prospects to prosper and is one of the several factors that many universities and colleges consider when making their admission counseling.

Preparation is the key to get a higher score in the GRE.

The GRE test is known as the graduate record examination test taken every year by millions of hopefuls who want to move abroad and study graduate/undergraduate programs in the finest universities over there.

USA will be the primary choice of students who take up the GRE test. GRE is valid in many countries, mainly the USA, the UK, Singapore, and Canada etc.

GRE test has huge craze among young aspirants across the globe as it opens up a huge range of opportunities in many reputed universities of abroad.

Investing time and effort preparing for GRE is a critical element in the test-taking strategy. You can monitor progress through personalized doubt clearing sessions after class.

Enhance your analytical and verbal skills through customized question pools and strategic critical thinking strategies.

The main purpose of the GRE test is to help the universities to excavate the skills they need in you. In fact, students who want to study in graduation, medical & law programmes in abroad can take the GRE test, but all you need to have is an undergraduate degree.

The claimants who manages to clear the test successfully can use the score for the next five years from the year he/she has given the GRE test.

GRE test is conducted in two formats, computer based test and paper based test.

Earlier, GRE score was accepted by graduate schools, but now even law schools and business management schools are accepting GRE score which is really commendable. To continue, Click Here.

Get GRE exam preparation plan in Coimbatore from our certified trainers.

Why Texas Review for GRE Coaching in Coimbatore?

Texas Review is the fastest emerging leader in test preparation with a high success achievement rate.

We have vast experience in providing unmatched gre preparation and helped several thousand students to successfully achieve their targeted score using gre classes in Coimbatore. Our training can ensure students to get the best training.

Texas Review has analyzed that almost all of the non-native speaker-test takers are finding it incredibly powerful to improve their verbal score with us

Most importantly if they only have a few weeks left for the GRE Preparation in Coimbatore, we provide them the best possible study plan that fits around their schedule.

We have comprehensive GRE coaching by expert faculty exclusively for high scores like 320+.

Texas Review specializes in advising students and professionals on test preparation, career pathway, and abroad education plan. We have experience of enrolling thousands of students from the south Indian region across worldwide education destinations.

That's how and ahead to many and ranked as the Best GRE institutes in Coimbatore.

We have been celebrating success achievement administration service for the student community from the past 6 years in a row.

There is no doubt regarding the nature of administration that we give to students and working professionals who wish to be guided for their splendid future with the broad help of our expert counselors; our refinement lies in the maximum visa achievement proportion in the south Indian region. .

Being the pioneer in progressive advancing global education, we give an affirmation to extend as giving certified support to all the people who wish to travel to another country to their good investigation goal.

Our Salient Features

Why Texas Review for GRE Coaching in Chennai

EFFECTIVE MATERIAL: Our GRE material is efficiently and effectively crafted by experts with many analytical writing tasks, verbal thinking strategies, and quantitative reasoning objectives for practical purposes. We provide multiple preparation books available with us to help you become more familiar with the mathematics test on GRE. The qualities of the lecture are uniform and excellent.

UNIQUE LEARNING CONCEPTS: It covers the entire theoretical and analyzing oriented concept, supplemented with an ample number of analytical comparison problems along with a discussion of their solution. Most students do not expect a high score in the GRE math but we work hard to assemble and sure that every student reaches that perfect higher score. Initially, we help you memorize basic geometric formulas for easy calculation and saving time.

EXPERT FACULTY: A team of qualified expert faculty analyzes the subject and gives an easy way to teach and explain the concepts with different methods that would remain in the reader’s memory for a long time. Our experts will help the student to reason quantitative and also to model and solve problems with quantitative procedures, and enhance your mathematical concepts and skills.

SUPPORT: It is much easier for the student to handle difficult tasks. Our experts will help you in time management to tackle quantitative comparison, standard techniques to handle the vocabulary part since time management is an extremely important skill.

TIPS AND TRICKS: You will learn a strategic approach for every type of question in quantitative and verbal. Tune your sensible methodology for cracking the AWA section. In addition to this, we keep track of your practice regularly and will point out your weaker areas so that you should give extra time for that particular section.

MOCK TEST: Our frequent GRE mock test is the best choice to go forward.

HIGH SUCCESS RATE: Many Students from Texas Review Chennai are turn out to be 320+ scorers in the GRE test every year.

1-year course validity: You can re-take the course if you are not satisfied with your earlier performance in the test.

Boundless Practice Sessions: Enjoy unlimited practice sessions under trainers watch as per your convenience in round the week

Course Duration: 45 days

Best Classroom Infrastructure: Air Conditioned, Ventilated, and spacious classrooms.

Personalized Training: We provide the personalized training facility one-to-one for GRE.

Course Re-acquiring Facility: You can retake the course if you are not satisfied with your earlier performance in the test.

Flexible Batches: We maintain limited strength per batch and students can also choose their convenient batch without altering their routine.

Book A Demo Class At Your Convenience

GRE Test Pattern

GRE is a world well-known admission affirmation test required to those candidates who want to take admission to the master's program in the field of engineering and science, MBA, or PHD.

The GRE test was established in the year 1936 by the Carnegie Foundation for Advancement of Teaching. The GRE is administered by ETS (Educational Testing Service).


Understanding the General GRE test model

Divisions Task Duration Score Range Nature
Analytical Writing 2 essays 30 minutes each 0-6 with 0.5pt Increment Graded by expert human reader and e-rater
Verbal Reasoning 2 of 20 questions in every section 30 minutes per section 130 to 170 with 1pt Increment Adaptive between two sections, not inside a section
Quantitative Reasoning 2 of 20 questions in every section 35 minutes per section 130 to 170 with 1pt Increment Adaptive between two sections, not inside a section


GRE Time Management in Bangalore
  • Time management is the secret to a superior GRE score and the most important step that you should adopt.
  • Managing time plays a crucial role in the GRE test pattern and the various sections involved and the time duration for each of them.
  • Master the technique of utilizing the time effectively.
  • Set a timer for every particular task you handle.
  • Work on your strong ideas and try clear through them first.
  • Start outlining effective words in your essay and save time for writing your conclusion.
  • Reading smartly to master the paragraphs provided in a quick time.

How Do I register for the GRE?

To apply for GRE, there are five easy steps to follow:

  • Log into the official ETS website Create an ETS account with your credentials.
  • Choose from Computer-based or paper-based GRE test.
  • Look for convenient test center location with dates.
  • Verify your registration details on the screen.
  • Pay the GRE application fee $220 which is 18,300 Aprox in Indian currency (payment mode: credit card).


There is no prescribed age limit or qualification needed for candidates to appear for GRE, since GRE is an assessment test to universities for admission process, candidates who have successfully completed their graduations. An applicant may note that all the programs and universities require GRE score for admission to MBA, PHD, and Masters Program.

Click Here to know the detailed GRE Eligibility Criteria


GRE test takers can reschedule or cancel the registration at any circumstance. If you cancel the GRE then you may get a 50% refund. You can avail of this process four days before the test date. The refunding process varies from the test you are taking. Testing fees and registration are not exchangeable for the GRE general test. GRE postponement may cost you 50$ extra.

GRE is a world well-known admission affirmation test required to those candidates who want to take admission to master’s program in the field of engineering and science, MBA, or PHD. The GRE test was established in the year 1936 by the Carnegie Foundation for Advancement of Teaching. The GRE is administered by the ETS (Educational Testing Service).

(a) GRE general test score is considered by universities abroad as one of the factors when deciding whether you are a good fit for your desired program or not.

(b) GRE general test time is about 3hours and 45minutes.

(c) GRE general test is intended to evaluate the general knowledge testing of your verbal, quantitative, writing analysis and critical thinking.

(d) Collection of multiple-choice questions, numeric entry questions, and writing part.

(e) You have the option to enroll for a computer-based test.

(f) GRE score is a very important factor for the admission process.

(g) GRE general test scores range from 130 to 170 per section. The GRE combined max score is 340 (average score range from 260 to 340). A Good score is 300 out of 340.

(h) GRE result score is declared in just 10-15 working days.

(i) Score validity lasts up to 5 years.

(j) GRE results are welcome by more than 3000 master programs all over the globe.

(k) The GRE is conducted throughout the year.

(l) You can take the GRE test 5 times in a year with 21 days gap.


  • Undergo the test center area location and procedures for the test day.
  • Start as early as possible for your GRE, report at least 30 minutes before your scheduled time.
  • Take all your necessary stationery items along with your ID verification passport.
  • Dress neatly to express yourself.
  • Be more confident on the test day.


If you are planning to get into a top master’s program in the United States then you should know about the significance of a good GRE score in the application procedure. Frequently, candidates are interested to recognize what a good GRE score to get into a specific master’s level college of their decision. The GRE scores would differ on the scores on the college you choose. It also depends on the particular university and college also it would vary depending upon the field you select.


If you are looking for a gre schedule that fits your needs then approach TEXAS REVIEW, one-stop for beginners and exam retakers. Coaching programs are beneficial when they are planned, implemented and managed appropriately.

Basically we have 45 days training of GRE coaching in Coimbatore which is valid for 1 year of duration. so you will have the opportunity to retake the course up to one year.

Texas Review coaching is provided in multiple methods.

  • Week-days class Room course with full-length training of GRE.
  • Intelligent web-based instructing through the everyday session.
  • One-on-One Training by our expert.
  • Weekend special classes for working employed professionals.

Avail the best GRE coaching for you and begin your preparation for success!


Section Test Score Scale
Verbal Reasoning 130 to170, in 1 Point Increments
Quantitative Reasoning 130 to 170, in 1 point increments
Analytical Writing 0 to 6, in half-point increments
  • GRE VERBAL REASONING: The verbal reasoning section is reported on a scale of 130 to 170 with a 1 point increment. Below table have the complete scaled scores scenario and their corresponding percentages as published by official ETS:
  • GRE QUANTITATIVE REASONING: The scoring for quantitative section scoring is quite similar to the verbal briefing. The quantitative score is detailed on a scale of 130 to 170 with a 1 point increment.
  • GRE ANALYTICAL WRITING: In this section, the GRE test taker will be analyzed and scored on a scale of 0 to 6 accompanied by a 0.5 point increments. Score calculated in this section are differed by 0, 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0, 5.5, and 6.0 being the highest. Analytical essays are judged by a human expert reader and an ETS e-rater computer program individually and scored on a 0 to 6 scale with the following procedure.
    • 1. If the scores are not remarkably offbeat, the average regular score is considered for the essay.
    • 2. If there are possible differences between the scores given by the reader and e-rater, later the second expert reader finalizes the grade for the essay. The final score in analytical writing is measured with an average of the scores in the two essays.


Once you get success in GRE with your scores then we have complete post solution of GRE examination with the pre-admission process to world-class universities that offers scholarships and other benefits for the students.

Texas Review offers free visa counseling, visa assistance to the applicants for higher education abroad. All our counseling sessions are free

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FAQ'S GRE Coaching in Coimbatore

A) The Entire test time for GRE test will be 3 hours 45 Minutes plus short breaks. Click here to know the timings of tasks.
A) The GRE test fee accredits you to request that the scores to be sent to as many as four graduate institutions at free of cost. For computer-based test, the test takers can opt their recipients to whom they want their scores to reach right at the test centre itself. Whereas in the paper-based test, test takers can opt their recipients at the time of universities. They can also have the opportunity to deny this choice of sending scores to the universities during the registration.
A) You can order for the ASR’s through online, by mail, or by fax. You can use your ETS account to order ASR’s online. Each ASR would cost you around $27 USD and ASR ordered once cannot be cancelled or any refund will be generated.
As soon as you finish taking your computer based GRE test, you will be asked to select whether you want to report or cancel the scores. If you select to report the scores, you can see the unofficial scores of Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative reasoning.
The GRE test has three sections- Analytical Writing assessment, Verbal reasoning and Quantitative reasoning. Click here to understand the format of each section in detail.
A) Well, Yes! If you are capable enough to put in all your efforts, clearing GRE will become an easy task. Click here to know the best study plans.
A) You can get both free and paid study materials for GRE in the GRE official website. Besides, study material it is equally important to possess practice tools which will make you feel like you are taking real time GRE test, since they follow the same time and format. Click here to get GRE study material.
A) Click here to understand, “how scaled score in verbal reasoning and Quantitative reasoning is converted to percentage?”.
A) The general test in GRE will assess the candidate’s readiness who want to pursue master’s abroad whereas the GRE subject test will measure the test taker’s ability in a particular subject.

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