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IELTS Study Material


IELTS Syllabus

The IELTS Syllabus consists of 4 sections: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. The complete test duration is 2 hours and 45 minutes with an extra 10 minutes for transferring your answer. These tests have different parameters which help the examiners to judge your English language proficiency skills.

a) IELTS Reading: The IELTS Reading Section has questions ranging from factual and descriptive to analytical and discursive. The section includes a set of 40 questions with 1 mark for each question. The time duration is 60 minutes.

b) IELTS Writing: The IELTS Writing section comprises 2 questions:

  1. The first section will have questions on graphs, diagrams, etc. You will be asked to write a descriptive analysis in 150 words. The time duration is 20 mins.
  2. The second section will ask you to write an essay in 250 words within 40 mins. This question evaluates your clarity and understanding of external situations.

c) IELTS Listening: In the IELTS Listening section you will be presented with audio recordings of conversations of native English speakers. Questions will be asked based on the recordings. You have to answer 40 questions within a time limit of 30 minutes.

d) IELTS Speaking: the IELTS Speaking section evaluates you on the basis of your usage and knowledge of the English language. This test is an interaction between you and the examiner. You will be given an opportunity to speak at length on a specific topic. The examiner will evaluate you on your fluency in language, choice of vocabulary, and confidence.

The Reading and Writing tests are different for the General test takers.