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MBBS in Philippines | Texas Review

Overview of MBBS

MBBS is the prestigious course which is being taken by millions of Indian students every year. In recent days, students prefer abroad over India to do MBBS considering the education system and affordability. Philippines always stays on the top of the preferences of Indian students as they don’t have to appear in the MCI test after finishing their MBBS in philippine universities. Indeed most of the universities and schools in philippines are MCI approved. Philippines is the third largest english speaking countries and its literacy rate is quite high. The universities and schools make use of English language for coaching, which will be a great benefit for non-native students. Over 95% of the population in philippines speak English in their daily routine.

Above all, the major reason for Indian students choosing philippines is the affordable fee structure. There is a huge stretch in the fee structures of Indian medical universities and Philippine universities. It is no surprise, If I say that the philippines has got this reputation just because of the word of mouth by the non-native alumni. The Degree you get from the medical universities in the philippines will have huge global recognition and embrace. The International organizations like WHO, MCI, USMLE and other akin bodies have recognized the quality medical education system.

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Why Philippines:

Undeniably, MBBS is the humongous and the most demanding course today. Hence, an MBBS degree demands more money and dedication. When it comes to the abroad destinations of students for MBBS, philippines always top their list. Philippines the third largest english speaking countries in Asia. It has the best climatic conditions and disease pattern similar to India. Philippian medical universities are MCI recognized and the fee structure is quite affordable.

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As a matter of fact, we already know that the Indian Medical students who’ve finished MBBS from countries like USA, UK, Russia etc have to take the test conducted by MCI back in India to make their MBBS certificate valid. But, if you do MBBS from philippines, you can directly get into your as most of the Philippian universities are already MCI recognized. Fhilipino and English are the official languages of the Philippines, but most people speak English. Universities and schools also use English language for coaching to benefit the non-native students.

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The Philippian medical universities attract the Indian universities with their hugely affordable fees. It would range from 12-20 lakhs. You know something, more than 50% of the entire students who enroll for MBBS programs choose philippines for its best quality of education. There are more than 2259 universities in the philippines from which many students are passing out as doctors. As per a recent survey, one among every ten doctors turned to be pass out from Philippian medical universities.

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Eligibility criteria

You can be from any country to study graduate and postgraduate programs in philippines. Every applicant should be in good health. Remember Clearing “NEET” is mandatory for every student. The eligibility criteria for study in philippines comprises of a decent 50% aggregate in 10+2. Most universities in philippines ask for a 50% score in physics, chemistry and biology separately.. Students have to show their paying capacity to the authorities. Along with that applicants should also have documents like mark sheets,NEET marks sheet, school leaving certificate etc.

Culture and Climate:

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Excluding some places in the philippines, the climatic conditions in most parts of the philippines match with tropical climate of India. You know something interesting, as most of the non-native students in philippine universities are from India, the management serves indian food(veg or non veg foods).

The philippine people are very friendly and show the best hospitality. The philippines is a female dominated country, so it is the best and safest study destination, especially for girls.The universities are built in the best lands where the students can happily study with peace of mind. As philippines is globally renowned for its top notch universities for medicine and science, many international students come and join every year. Hence, philippines is culturally diverse which is a huge benefit for non-native students to learn and explore various cultures.

Cost of living:


Undoubtedly, the cost of living on philippines is very cheap if compared with western countries and fellow Asian countries. The currency in philippines is “Pesos”. As the survey run among the international alumni of medical universities in the philippines, the cost of living is very affordable and economic than in India. For indian students living in Philippines will be very economic. Right from accommodation to food,the expenses in daily routine will be very handy.

Cost of Education:


The major reason for students choosing philippines is the affordable tuition fee. The MBBS tuition fee in the medical universities in the Philippines, is comparatively less than most countries in Asia, indeed across the world. In most colleges there is no donation fee and the tuition fee would range from 15 to 25 lks. The tuition fee would be based on the ranking of the university. The lesser the tuition fee the lesser the coaching standards will be. So, better research about the university standards before you join. Click here, for expert admission counselling.

Work Options

At the beginning, what all a student needs is an MBBS degree from philippines. Once you get it in your hands, many opportunities and doors will open for you.. Not just in philippines, because of the global recognition, alumni of most philippine medical universities can get amazing work opportunities worldwide to start a bright career. Students can apply for the research jobs and clinical apprentice. Students can move to the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia etc to get the best in medical jobs.