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What is PTE?

PTE-pearson test of english is a computer-based english language test aimed to assess the English language skills like reading, writing, listening and speaking in the non-native english speaking aspirants who want to study abroad. In fact soe aspirants take PTE test who want to migrate abroad. As the number of test takers rose by 67% in the year 2017, the availability of test centres was increased. Hence, aspirants can take the PTE test in a secured pearson test centre round the year as many times as they want, until they get the desired score.

In spite of being accepted by many prestigious universities like harvard, yale etc, PTE score is also accepted by immigration authorities of countries like New Zealand, Canada, Australia, The UK and The USA. This is a three-hour test which has three sections- Speaking & writing(together), listening and reading. The test takers will listen to prompts by speakers in different accents like British and American. So it's better to be exposed to different accents. Understand the test format from below

Speaking & writing: This section in the PTE test consumes (77-93 minutes) from the total test time and it has various segmentslike personal introduction, read aloud, repeat sentences, describe images, Retell lectures, answer short questions, summarize the written text and essay(20 min). These segments in the speaking & writing section will assess the pronunciation, spelling, grammar accuracy in the test takers.

Reading: This reading section in PTE test will consume 32-41 minutes of the total test time and it assesses the test takers skills through certain question types like Multiple choice, choose single answer, Multiple choice, choose multiple answers, Re-order paragraphs Reading: Fill in the blanks, and Reading & writing: Fill in the blanks. The test takers will be awarded by scores according to their performance by the graders. This section aims the test takers accuracy in reading.

Listening: Listening section consumes (45-57 minutes) of the total test duration and the test takers can observe some question types as they begin taking the test like Summarize spoken text, multiple choice, choose multiple answers, fill in the blanks, highlight correct summary, Multiple choice,choose single answer Select missing word, highlight incorrect words and write from dictation. Scores will be awarded to the test takers based on their performance in this section.

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