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SAT Exam Dates & Syllabus

The SAT is a standardized test widely used for college admissions if you want to apply for under-graduate programmes(bachelor’s) in the United States. SAT exam is totally purposed to assess alacrity in students' for college. It is owned, developed, and published by the College Board, a private, not-for-profit Corporation in the United States. The SAT score is a key requisite of your college applications in abroad. Many colleges ask for SAT scores as a part of the admissions process. The main agenda is to provide colleges with neutral data point that can be used to compare all applicants. Hence, it is just one factor in the admissions decision.

SAT has been revised in 2016. Probably, it’s the first time after eleven years. Schools also consider the claimant’s high school GPA along with academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, extracurricular activities, interviews, and personal essays. You know something! the SAT score weightage in admissions varies between schools. So, just go through and understand the admission criteria of the school before you apply.

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Test Structure

This exam has three segments- evidence based reading, writing and math. One evidence based essay(optional- 50 minutes) apart from prime segments. The total time allotted for SAT exam is 3 hours 50 minutes. There are three segments in the SAT test, evidence based reading & writing, math(with calculator allowance and without allowance) and evidence essay which is optional. Understand the time allotment and the SAT Syllabus covered in each section from the table below,

Segments of the Test Topics Covered No.of Questions Per Segment Time Allotted
Evidence - Based Reading/ Writing The E-based reading will assess the claimants Vocabulary & reading skills
The writing segment will assess the claimant’s accuracy in using grammar
52 multiple choice questions for Reading
44 Multiple choice questions for writing
65 minutes to finish Reading.
35 minutes to finish writing.
Math(without calculator allowance) Math section will assess the Data analysis, problem solving, algebra, trigonometry, geometry etc.skills of the claimant. 45 25 minutes
Math(with calculator allowance) Math section will assess the Data analysis, problem solving, algebra, trigonometry, geometry etc.skills of the claimant. 13 55 minutes
Essay(optional) Evidence based 1 essay 50 minutes

Students have strategies their SAT preparation according to the format of the test. SAT preparation should be comprised of full length tests crafted as per the realtime test times conditions and format, exercises, practice tests many more. It is not possible to include them in your preparation through self-study, hence you need a tutor support to get the best score in SAT,

Test Dates

The Students can take the SAT test in any of the seven slots offered want in a year. But, the main hitch that raises is the students have to be mindful in choosing the suitable test dates and strategizing their preparation for the test. There are two categories in the SAT exam- Juniors, it is the spring period of junior year in which most students take the SAT exam and the other one is seniors, it is the fall period of your senior year. So, SAT claimants should behave mindful about the test dates for juniors and seniors. Find out the available SAT test dates and deadlines for registration in the Table below,

SAT Exam SAT DATE Registration Deadline Deadlines for Late Registrations Deadline for Amendments
SAT Subject test Exam(Choose among the available subjects Choices during registration ) May 4th 2019 April 5th 2019 For mailed Registrations –April 16th 2019 For Online & phone registrations- April 24th 2019 April 24th 2019
SAT Subject test Exam(Choose among the available subjects Choices during registration ) June 1st 2019 May 3rd 2019 For mailed Registrations –May 14th 2019
For Online & phone registrations- may 22nd 2019
May 22nd 2019

The details mentioned in the table above are on par updated. If you need more accurate information visit the official website. Usually, the SAT scores are released to the scorers about two weeks after the test day. Sometimes for the june scorers it might take a bit long.






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