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Spoken English Institute in Hyderabad

English is the official language of 53 countries and spoken by around 400 million people across the planet. English is the most common and powerful language and is used as the medium of communication throughout the world. Fluency in language brings a lot of motivation and confidence in the mind of a speaker. It is the ability to express your ideas, convince, reach out and even impress with a clear speech.

Feeling Lost ?

  • You feel hesitated to communicate in the English language?
  • You have trouble with sentence formation.
  • You feel lost while addressing something important?
  • You unable to crack interviews?
  • You looking to upgrade your communication skills.
  • You desire to improve your presentation skills.

Let our expert faculty help you overcome these problems through various strategies such as group discussions, mock sessions, group debates, and a variety of activities to enhance the English language moreover develop your confidence and mind mapping.

Learn English Speaking With Our Experts

Texas Review has been working for a long time in English language test preparation. We are committed to giving you exclusive learning experience with ensured results. We have the right English course for you, making you speak fluent English with a proper voice and accent. Individuals with all gender and age are invited to learn English from us. Through Texas Review you will get a legitimate English talking condition where you can start learning from day 1 and within a few weeks, you will observe the outstanding outcome.

Candidates, who are looking for a spoken English course to perform better at job interviews, prosper at work and secure promotions faster, enhance well in language and get respect in social circles.


  • Essential Grammar
  • Sentence Formation


  • Basic Pronunciation
  • Voice and Accent

Writing Skills

  • Topic Writing
  • Situation writing
  • Conversation Writing
  • Paragraph Writing

Listening Skills

  • UK English Accents
  • British English Accents
  • Mexican Accents

Reading Skills

  • Article Reading Newspaper Reading
  • Intensive Reading

Speaking Skills

  • Every-day Conversation
  • Situation Speaking
  • Picture Speaking
  • Debate Sessions


  • Develop Practical Vocabulary
  • Learning a New word Every day
  • Using Thesaurus
  • Using Synonyms
  • Identify Unknown Words
  • Learning Phrases
  • Working on Proverbs

Advance Your Techniques With Us

Voice and Accent

Sentence Framing

Brain Storming

Mind Mapping

Communication Style

Gain Confidence

Why Choose Texas Review For Spoken English Classes?

Texas Review is the leading source of spoken English in south India. Our intensive spoken English classes will help you advance your chances of cracking an Interview, Countering a business deal, or asking for promotions at the workplace. We will prepare you with confidence and personal development plan to beat any difficulty that coming your way and to tackle situations like Speaking at the conference, lecturing for the first time, presenting yourself at company conferences or meeting, appearing the critical interview. Here you will develop your inner abilities and exceed confidence to deliver sound messages in the English language to your audience under the guidance of our expert faculty.

Join Texas Review to give a new advancement hike to your career in whichever resource or field you looking for. As we all know that superior spoken English is the key to much stuff and foremost need for any working professionals or a businessman. We work on improving your English Language along with personality development to enhance your career and give a facelift to it.

The most prominent skill of any language is speaking. Since the participants are those who are already using a bit of English language, this course has a major aspect of speaking when it comes to learning the dialects. The emphasis is based on the applicant’s interests and needs of the participant. The English language is considered the most difficult for non-native speakers but speaking skills can be improved steadily with practice sessions and the entire program is designed suitably with unique strategies and methods.

Our Spoken English Coaching For:

Course for Job Seekers

If you feel hesitated while facing an interview or you lack how to present yourself to an interviewer then do not worry we give the fundamentals to job searches by preparing them with grammar, vocabulary skills, fluency development, communication skills, interview cracking skills, presentation skills, comparative skills, and writing skills to crack the interview with confidence and grab a good job profile.

Course for Working Professionals

If you find it difficult to express your ideas, or get blank while addressing something important, confused on reporting something to boss then this course will help you improve your grammar, vocabulary, corporate communication skills, group discussion skills, presentation skills, email writing skills and can help you become more confident with your end and prosper in your careers and promotions.

Course for Multipurpose

whether you are a student, a businessman, a working professional, or a housewife. In this course, you will improve your grammar, vocabulary, general communication skills, language fluency skills, and personality development that will facilitate you with cross-cultural communication between people coming from different regions and nations that overall improves the quality of life.

On-Location Training At Companies

Our experienced faculty visits the company location to conduct on-location training sessions for their workforce. These sessions are highly effective because we lead re-assessment to comprehend the language level and necessities of the members. We additionally lead post-assessments and reports to the HR department for the improvement in the communication abilities.

Our Key Features

Effective Training Methods

Grammar Practice Sessions

Personality Development

Email & Resume Writing Skills

Personalized Training For Fluency

Interview Cracking Skills

British Council Certified Faculty



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