Why study in UK ?

UThe United Kingdom is a popular destination for higher studies and welcomes international students from different backgrounds with open hands. It’s a wonderful place to study because of its high quality educational infrastructure, world class teaching methodology, rich heritage, and diverse culture.

Education in UK provides a chance to develop your knowledge levels, improve skill sets in particular subject area, gives freedom to be creative, and supports you to achieve your best in academic terms. The UK colleges and universities are very much famous for research activities, innovation, and creativity. It undertakes 5% of the world’s scientific research and produces 14% of the world’s most frequently cited papers.

The U.K. universities encourage students to be creative, express own ideas, opinions, and come out with innovative thinking. The educational institutions in UK are constantly ranked among the best in world. And also U.K. is one of the best places for international students to hone their English language skills and increase chances of employment.

Students come to United Kingdom for many reasons including:

  • Best in the quality of education and possess excellent academics.
  • Tuition fees in U.K. are significantly lower when compared to other developed nations.
  • Higher education in U.K. boosts your career. Have a positive impact on your job profile and possess huge number of chances to get placed with elite companies.
  • U.K. universities offer wide range of courses and programs to select and entitle an international student to a free health care benefit.
  • English language skills are highly essential to survive in this digital arena. Therefore most universities in U.K. offer language support to international students.
  • Financing for education becomes easier as various grants and scholarships are available to study in UK.
  • International students are allowed to work for 20 hrs in a week during term time and full time during holidays.
  • A great place to visit several tourist attractions in UK as well as surrounding countries such as France, Rome, Paris, and Amsterdam.
  • You can experience the best culture, rich heritage and enjoy various sports activities, incredible musical acts, and great films.

Quality of education

According to global league table, “The UK is ranked as the sixth best educational system in developed world.” The education system in UK is recognized and respected throughout world. It provides challenging environment to study, build strong foundation for a successful future, boost student’s career opportunities, chances of impressing a potential employer, and higher salary prospects.
The quality of education system in UK is considered as the best in world. Graduate, Postgraduate, MBA, and Ph.D qualifications from UK’s educational institutions are valued and respected throughout the world. A degree from UK University will give students worldwide recognition, competitive advantage and employers are of the opinion that students from U.K. universities are capable of independent thinking. As U.K. possess with qualitative education system, many other countries in world would like to follow UK’s education system.

Cost of higher education

Undergraduate, Postgraduate courses in UK are of shorter duration (i.e., one year shorter) when compared to other universities in world. So you can cut down tuition fees as well as living cost for one more year with study in UK.
The undergraduate courses take three years to complete whereas post graduate courses will take one more year to complete.
Tuition fees for higher education in UK vary depending upon several factors such as: location of the institution (i.e., whether it is in Wales, England or Scotland), type of the course etc.

Undergraduate tuition fee

Tuition fee for international students’ preferring for lecture based courses charge around 8000 Pounds (i.e., US $11,920), and for medical courses, the charges are 36,600 Pounds (i.e., $58, 201). On average, undergraduate courses for international students’ varies to 11,987 Pounds (i.e., $17,870).

Postgraduate tuition fee

The tuition fee for international students who are planning to pursue classroom based programs at post graduation level charges 12,390 Pounds(i.e., $18,470), laboratory course cost 14,274 Pounds, and tuition cost for clinical degree programs would be 21,296 Pounds(i.e., $31,750). In order to pursue clinical degree programs in top UK universities, one needs to pay around 38,532 Pounds (i.e., $57,440).

Cost of living

Generally the cost of living includes accommodation, food & grocery shopping, study material, clothes, transport, and entertainment & miscellaneous living expenses. On an average living expenses of an undergraduate student varies in between 8-9 lakhs for a 40 week long study course, and for postgraduate student it varies in between 10-11 lakhs for one year of study.
Living costs vary even with countries that you were chosen to study. In London and South East England the cost of living is expensive when compared to rest of England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. As living is costlier in UK, it’s better to opt for part time job in your free time.

Expertise English language skills

As English is recognized as a global language, the U.K. is perfect destination for international students to become expertise in English language skills. Do you know? Every year six lakh students visit U.K. to pursue English language course.
In U.K. there are different English language courses catering to different age groups for different purposes. Teaching of English language courses in U.K. involves lot of fun including games, problem solving and discussions. Join in the English language course and get exposed to new ways of teaching English language.

Experience unique culture

Pursuing higher studies in U.K. will not close your doors to enjoy and have a blast with your life. Studying in U.K. provides a chance to discover its natural beauty, unique culture, exposure to city lifestyle, countryside atmosphere etc.
The U.K. is completely filled out with festivities and events throughout year. There are different festivals and events like pancake races in Buckinghamshire, world’s largest arts festival in Edinburgh, Notting Hill carnival street party, Leicester’s Diwali celebrations etc. Participate in those events and get amazing experience.

Have a blast

Are you passionate about sports? U.K. is the best place to fulfil your passion. One can join in sport societies and practice yoga, football, rugby etc on regular basis. If you are an adventure lover, there are hundreds of outdoor activities to try such as hiking, surfing, horse riding, diving, climbing etc.
If you are a music or history lover, then U.K. is your dream destination. One can find hundreds of live music events everyday from pop, rock, metal, jazz to classical folk. If music does not interests you, then plan a visit across England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland and get to know about history of these specific places.

Join a friendly international community

Most schools, colleges and universities in U.K. will have international student societies to welcome international students and make them comfortable. These societies are very important to organize parties, conduct events, to plan activities and outings etc. Besides these societies will help in your bad days, give advice to personal problems and assists you to find a support system during your studies in U.K.

U.K. Student visas

Every year, the U.K. government warmly welcomes lakhs of international students with open arms. To study in U.K. one needs to get U.K. student visas to gain entry into United Kingdom.

The visa application process requires you to
  • Submit documents about your financial status and academic qualifications.
  • Attend visa interview.
  • Take an English language test.

It’s better to apply for student visa prior to three months before the start of course. Majority of international students apply for Tier 4 General student visa to study higher education in U.K.  For this, one needs to take IELTS test as part of application process.

U.K. Scholarships

Most universities in U.K. offer scholarship programs and funding opportunities to international students. For Indian students, there are different scholarship programs like Charles Wallace India Trust scholarships, Goa Education scholarships and Scotlands Saltire scholarships. But, remember these scholarship programs are truly merit based.


What is the cost of the studies in U.K.?

It depends on the universities and the course but on an average it ranges from 8 to 10 thousand pound for an year.

What is the appropriate time of the application in UK ?

What is the appropriate time of the application in UK ? 
Most of the U.K universities have flexible dates for the application but mostly people apply for the Sep. & Oct. session then for Jan. or May.


What is UCAS?

Applying through UCAS gives you an advantage to apply to at least six different universities and courses. This saves you time, money and hassle of applying to individual universities.

What I need to apply into universities?

Most of the universities in U.K. require IELTS scores for ensuring language efficiency, in some cases there is the option for giving the TOEFL also though  some top universities only require GMAT for MBA programme. 


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